Hallo to everyone. This is Abby's blog. A tail belonging to a Jack Russell who just happens to make some gorgeous jewellery and sells some fantastic items for crafty jewellers.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Time and tide

Where does all the time go. Wake up each morning thinking right today I will prioratise, 1 hour doing this and another doing that, and what happens I get carried away in the first hour and thats the end of the day.
But at least I am getting my eBay shop a bit tidier with lots of new charm bracelets and findings.

Fitting out the shop is really taking up the time though, but looks as if we will be on track for begining of March. It will be so differant from working the way we do at the moment with people being able to see just how disorganised and untidy creative people are. Or is that just me.

Back to it, findings to pack and crystals to list.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Fitting out our bead shop

Why are shop fittings sooo expensive? I know with a bit of imagination we could use almost anything to display the beads and findings it still comes down to a bit of practicality in keeping it organised and clean. Back to it, just felt like a little moan.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

The new shop.

Well it finally looks like we have the shop in Bristol. We should be up and trading within the next month just as soon as the alterations etc have been done. Its in Church Road, Redfield, in Bristol, will give you the number when opening is a bit closer.
We will be selling the complete range of findings that we use in our everyday jewellery business along with some fabulous Czech beads. These beads wont be bulk buys from a middle man but hand picked in Czech Republic by ourselves, so we will be including Preciosa beads as well. These wont be the 4mm bi cones we all love to hate but the full range, which looks remarkably like a certain crystal made in Wattens, Austria, if you follow my drift.
All our findings will be of professional quality and the beads all top grade. I am trying to list them at the moment on abbybeads.co.uk but time is sooo pressing.
Off to take some more pictures and try to get them up tonight, these will be the charms to go on the elasticated bracelets.

Friday, 1 January 2010

New Year and its no warmer.

Well we went to Swanage but it really was tooo cold to do the market. When you get to my advanced age creature comforts play a much bigger part than standing around in a car park trying to see where the next customer is coming from.

I have been updating the web site at abbybeads.co.uk but why does it all take so long.
Or is it that I would rather be making things than sitting in front of a computer. Yes I think thats it.

Anyway happy New Year to you all and my resolution is to start blogging properly.

That starts tomorrow.

Friday, 18 December 2009

The coldest day

Well, we were supposed to be going to the caravan in Swanage this morning so we could do the market on Wareham Quay on Saturday. What happens, they get me all excited, on with the collar, all this rubbish talk of, off to the seaside, soon be on the beach etc etc, and what happens. Stick their noses out of the door after listening to the last of Wogan and declare it a bit cool. Its only minus 5c, what are they made of. They wrap up in there thermals, and I don't even get a woolly hat, and they say its too cold.
They promise me tomorrow, I'll have some barking to do if we don't go I can tell you.